Frequently Asked Questions

How does work ? What is it ? operates as an online comparator and distributor of eSIMs. In a market flooded with hundreds of eSIM providers offering prepaid plans for numerous countries, finding the best plan tailored to travel needs can be challenging for travelers. At, we aim to simplify this process by aggregating all these plans into a single interface. Here, users can conveniently browse and compare features and prices based on their destination.

Is it possible to top up an eSIM?

It varies. Some providers provide rechargeable eSIM plans, allowing users to add extra data, voice/text, or extend the validity period. On the other hand, some eSIM plans are non-rechargeable. If available, your provider will share top-up instructions after your purchase.

Are eSIMs safe and fast?

E-SIM technology adheres to strict global standards for mobile communications, ensuring its safety and speed comparable to traditional SIM cards, and in some cases, even safer.

How can I locate a data plan on

Simply visit our homepage, search for the country of your residence or your desired destination, compare prices and benefits, choose the plan that fits your needs, and enjoy a secure journey. It's as straightforward as that.

Can I reinstall an eSIM?

The majority of eSIMs cannot be reinstalled, indicating that removing your eSIM might result in an error when attempting to download it again.

Is it possible to install the same eSIM on multiple devices?

No, it's not possible to install the same eSIM on multiple devices. Each eSIM is designed for a single-device installation, and in most cases, it can only be installed once. If you remove the eSIM from your device, reinstalling it is typically not an option.

How to install esim on iphone with qr code?